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BMC Greens (GN)

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Coverage: 12 square metres or 120 square feet per litre (aprox)

Undercoats Required: 

Dark Green High Build Undercoat

GN12, GN13, GN14, GN16, GN18, GN22, GN24, GN29, GN32, GN42

Grey High Build Undercoat

GN1, GN3, GN5, GN6, GN8, GN33,

Mid Green High Build Undercoat

GN15, GN19, GN25, GN35, GN37, GN39

White High Build Undercoat

GN2, GN17, GN40

Digital colour samples are for guidance only and will vary from screen to screen. 

We do not recommend these colours for use on Narrowboats

Please Note: Some colours are not currently formulated specifically for our Coach Enamel, though we have samples to work to. Extra time may be required when making up car colours so we encourage you to check lead times with us before ordering - especially for rush jobs!